Reservation Policies

Reservation Policies
1. Booking / contractual conditions

The lease contract is concluded by Abitare as agent on behalf and for account of the respective accommodation provider at the prices indicated by the accommodation provider. Bookings have to be made in writing (booking /contract form), and the contract becomes valid only with the booking confirmation of Abitare.

A reservation fee of 25 % of the lease has to be effected at least 10 days after the booking (date of the booking confirmation). The remaining sum has to be paid at least 30 days before the starting date of the lease booked.
In case of short-term booking, 40 days or less before the beginning of the stay, the total amount is due immediately.
The booking confirmation constitutes a legally binding contract between the client and the accommodation provider. Abitare makes this reservation as an agent for the accommodation provider, and does not accept any liability in connection with the reservation. Place of performance and of the Court is the accommodation provider’s residence or the rented place concerned. If the contract has to be changed or cancelled by reasons of major force or breach of contract by thirds, the liability of Abitare is limited to the reimbursement of the amounts already paid.

2. Cancellations

Should a cancellation be made after reservation the following percentage of the total amount of the lease will be charged:

20 % up to 61 days before start of lease
50 % up to 60 – 35 days before start of lease
60 % up to 34 – 15 days before start of lease
75 % up to 14 – 2 days before start of lease
100 % up to 1 – 0 days before start or day of lease
In case of change of the booked accommodation a fee of Є 30 will be charged.
For any other alteration to the booking, or if the holiday-maker intends to transfer his/her booking to other persons, on the condition that the accommodation and the period do not change, the holiday-maker might be required to pay the amount of 50 Euros.

Because of the COVID-19 situation we have adjusted our above standard cancellation policies, this are the policies with regards to COVID-19:

Alternations or limitations of the rules concerning travel conditions decreed by the competent authorities of one single state or all nations :Official alternations or limitations of the existing rules within 30 days before arrival date, as indicated in the booking confirmation, in the residential place of the tourist, preventing his departure (i.e. local lock-down, closing of borders or request of quarantine on return), or alternations in the place of destination (local lock.-down, closing of borders or request of quarantine on arrival) preventing his arrival, the customer is entitled to cancel the booking, and payments already made will be entirely refunded

3. Prices and length of lease
The minimum and maximum rental period can change for each property and this information can be found in the local policies or description of each vacation rental.
Check-in for the rented holiday home: from 16:00h – 19:00h, check-out: from 08:00h – 10:00h.
The exact time of arrival must be STRICTLY advised to ABITARE at the time of booking or subsequently thereafter, so that the owner or his/her representative can meet the holiday-maker on the spot.
Outside of these times Abitare does not guarantee the presence of a person competent to hand over the keys and is not responsible for any additional charges that may arise as a result.
Each change to the arrival date and arrival time must be advised to ABITARE and be approved by ABITARE at least 3 days in advance. In the case of unavoidable delay on the day of arrival, the holiday-maker must call the number listed on the voucher. Please call this number as soon as possible when problems arise in order to give the owner/agency time to react.

In the event that the owner or his/her representative are not available and it is not possible to advise the owner or his/her representative of a late arrival, in the event that the owner was not notified of a late arrival, or in the event that the owner cannot accept a late arrival, the holiday-maker alone is responsible for the cost of the overnight stay in a hotel. Reimbursement for any expenses incurred by the owner or his/her representative being obliged to make an unplanned displacement to the property can be claimed from the holiday-maker.

4. Deposit – final cleaning – swimming pools

On arrival a deposit varying from Є 200.00 to Є 1’500.00, IN CASH, (see booking confirmation) has to be paid to the accommodation provider or his representative.
The extra costs which are quantifiable must, apart from the security deposit, be paid, IN CASH, at very moment of the check-in.

At the end of the stay the deposit will be refunded under the reservation of deductions for damages done to the accommodation/property provided.
There are some holiday homes/properties where the owner reserves the right to keep the security deposit for 72 hours after the departure of clients, taking the necessary time, to check carefully the holiday home/property before returning the security deposit.
ABITARE declines all responsibility in the event of a dispute between the holiday-maker and the owner regarding the deposit.

In case the place is left in a very dirty condition (dirty dishes, not correctly disposed rubbish…), the accommodation provider has the right to retain, in addition to the cost of the final cleaning (where not included), a further amount from Є 100,00 to Є 200,00 as a contribution to the cleaning.
Should the property owner receive a fine for a wrong waste disposal after check-out/departure of clients, the client can be made liable for it, also after departure.
If no cleaning cost is foreseen, the holiday-maker must leave the property clean and tidy. If the property is not handed back in the above-mentioned condition, the holiday-maker must pay the owner or his/her representative on the spot the amount necessary for cleaning the property.

Domestic pets, where allowed, are charged 30,00 Euro per pet and per week to be paid on the spot.
If a client wants to bring more than 1 pet – before the booking can be confirmed, it has to be clarified what kind of pet, i.e. race, size and weight it is.
On the properties where the description indicates that the domestic pets are allowed on request, the following rules are effective: before a pet can be accepted the race, size and weight has to be known.

Swimming pools are open during middle and high season, before or after those periods the use of the swimming pool is always on request and an extra fee has to be paid on the spot (exceptions stated in the descriptions of the respective objects).
The use of heating (when it can be switched on and off, temperature, etc.) is controlled by regulations which vary from region to region. As an example, in some regions heating appliances may be switched on only between November and April. Consequently, the heating, even when the cost is included in the letting price, can only be used during the same period. The cost of heating, when is not already included in the price at the time of booking and is based upon usage, must be paid directly on the spot to the owner or his/her representative before departing.

The owner or his representative reserves the right to have free access to the property for essential maintenance purposes (garden, swimming-pool etc...).

5. Number of Persons
The person whose name appears on the Voucher is the referent for the use of the property. When not stated otherwise in the local policies or description of the property the minimum age required to be able to book a vacation rental is 18 years old. The persons in the party (adults and children), duly registered by the owner/keyholder, must not exceed the number of sleeping places indicated in the property description page. In some situations, exceptions are made in the case of infants (up to 2 years of age): this type of request must be made before booking, and it can only be accepted on the basis of the permits with which the accommodation is equipped. Any other exceptions are stated in the local policies published in the property description page. The substitution of persons during the rental period is forbidden unless previously agreed upon with ABITARE.

6. Liability
If, for any reason beyond its control including force majeure, ABITARE has to cancel the booking made by the holiday-maker, ABITARE, in agreement with the holiday-maker, will offer the holiday-maker another property of equivalent standard and price, provided that ABITARE is able to provide this solution. If the price of the alternative property is lower, the difference will be reimbursed to the holiday-maker by ABITARE.

In the event that an agreement cannot be reached, both parties can retract from the contract and ABITARE will reimburse the holiday-maker for the amount paid to ABITARE in connection with the booking.

The descriptions appearing on the web pages are accurate and have been prepared in good faith. ABITARE, however, declines all responsibility for any modifications made by the owners without its knowledge, unless it is impossible to totally or partially fulfil the contract and that the holiday-maker will not accept the partial fulfilment of the contract.

Abitare is responsible to ensure the performance according to the rules of the contractual conditions. Abitare acting as agent respects the customary standard and observes the local habits of the place of destination.

Abitare is not responsible for:

- Accuracy and completeness of all indications and descriptions provided on the web-page which do not concern the leased object but give information about the holiday region.
- Performances of thirds which have only be arranged by Abitare.
- Uncontrollable events such as strike, lockdowns, riots, interference of the local authorities, epidemics, war, natural disaster.
- Disturbance of local power supply or sewage and refuse disposal (for example water, electricity, other energy), or technical installation (heating, elevator, air condition, swimming pool etc.).
- In case that domestic or foreign rules limit or exclude the liability.
- The client is responsible for fulfilment of all regulations such as passport, visa, custom declaration, health. The client is responsible for all disadvantages resulting from not observing these regulations, even if the rules should be changed after booking. It is the client’s duty to gather the relevant regulations.
- For the use of swimming pools, playgrounds, and sports facilities of all kinds. The use of such facilities is done at one's own personal risk;
- damage and loss due to burglary;
- public access roads that could cause damage or injury to things or people.
- Any and all issues regarding the property, such as damages, equipment malfunction, injury, etc, which may occur during the stay shall be a dispute between the owner or agency and the renter of the property. In such cases, with no exceptions, the law enforced in the place where the structure is located will apply, and the jurisdiction will be the local courts.

- Any problems or complaints associated with the presence or absence of a strong internet or WIFI connection in the property and the use that this entails by the holiday-maker, always falls within the typology for which resulting disputes will only be between the owner of the structure and the holder of the reservation.

7. Changes in prices and facilities

Abitare reserves the right to make changes in prices and facilities offered up to the moment of confirmation of booking, particularly in case of errors on the web-page.
Abitare reserves the right to modify prices on its websites at any time during any season but will never change the prices of reservations that have already been confirmed.

8. Complaints
In the event of any problems, the holiday-maker undertakes to do his best to resolve or minimise them in order to avoid any prejudices that could result. If the holiday-maker is unable to do this, they must immediately get in touch with ABITARE at the phone number listed on the voucher on the day of arrival or within the end of the first next working day, confirming complaints in writing within 24 by e-mail to The holiday-maker is obliged to give ABITARE the time necessary to resolve the problem. Should there be no written complaint supplied as above specified and without an explicit authorisation by ABITARE, the holiday-makers who leave their accommodation prematurely forfeit their rights for a refund of the rental price, unless there is a legal right for them to have cancelled. Complaints received at the end of the stay will not be taken into consideration and no refunds will be given.

9. Useful indications

Abitare takes particular care to ensure absolute accuracy in description of the leased holiday homes, but please bear in mind that there are no general rules for the standard of furnishings and interior decoration. It is not always possible to find the same comfort as at home. During the busy summer months, it can be possible that the local authorities have to make water and electricity restrictions. Such incidents should not last long. In such cases Abitare will refuse any claims for damages.
The accommodation provider is responsible for the correct handing over according to the rules of the leased holiday home.

This is precisely the kind of holiday that ABITARE offers: the chance to partake in the culture of the area chosen, living for a few days or weeks in the same surroundings as an inhabitant would. In order to live this experience in the right spirit, it is important not only that the holiday-maker accepts but also that they will be able to appreciate the differences in the properties ABITARE is proposing in comparison with those where they normally live. For its part, ABITARE has carefully chosen such properties using a minimum and maximum quality range within which it believes that any European and, indeed, any citizen of the world can find total satisfaction. ABITARE cannot, however, exclude the possibility that these differences can sometimes result in minor inconveniences - due to the special nature of its architecture and of traditions in the area - but which cannot be accepted as complaints.

Any extra services and events (for example chef dinners, cooking lessons, wedding parties) that renters would like to arrange on the property grounds need to be authorized in advance by the property owners.


Bookings made through ABITARE can be made via website, email or telephone. In the event of controversies arising from the booking process, the Italian Court only can deal with the matter and only Italian law applies. Completing the booking process and accepting the reservation policies implies that these conditions have been understood and have, thereby, been accepted without exception.

If any provision of these reservation policies is, or becomes, invalid, unenforceable, or non-binding, the holiday-maker shall remain bound by all other provisions hereof. In such event, ABITARE will replace the aforementioned clause with a clause that is valid and binding, has an effect that is as similar as possible to the one replaced, and that the holiday-maker undertakes to accept in respect of the contents and purposes of the present reservation policies.

Any and all issues regarding the property, such as damages, equipment malfunction, injury, etc, which may occur during the stay shall be a dispute between the owner or agency and the renter of the property. In such cases, with no exceptions, the law enforced in the place where the structure is located will apply, and the jurisdiction will be the local courts.

Any problems or complaints associated with the presence or absence of a strong internet or WIFI connection in the property and the use that this entails by the holiday-maker, always falls within the typology for which resulting disputes will only be between the owner of the structure and the holder of the reservation.

The original Italian version of these reservation policies may have been translated into other languages. The translated version is a courtesy and unofficial and the holiday-maker cannot derive any rights from the translated version. In the event of a dispute about the contents or interpretation of these reservation policies or inconsistency or discrepancy between the Italian version and any other language version of these reservation policies, the Italian language version to the extent permitted by law shall apply, prevail and be conclusive. The Italian version is available on ABITARE Websites (by selecting the Italian language) or shall be sent to the holiday-maker upon written request.