1. Booking / contractual conditions

The lease contract is concluded by Abitare as agent on behalf and for account of the respective accommodation provider at the prices indicated by the accommodation provider. Bookings have to be made in writing (booking /contract form), and the contract becomes valid only with the booking confirmation of Abitare.

A reservation fee of 25 % of the lease has to be effected at least 10 days after the booking (date of the booking confirmation). The remaining sum has to be paid at least 30 days before the starting date of the lease booked. In case of short-term booking, 40 days or less before the beginning of the stay, the total amount is due immediately. The booking confirmation constitutes a legally binding contract between the client and the accommodation provider. Abitare makes this reservation as an agent for the accommodation provider, and does not accept any liability in connection with the reservation. Place of performance and of the Court is the accommodation provider’s residence or the rented place concerned. If the contract has to be changed or cancelled by reasons of major force or breach of contract by thirds, the liability of Abitare is limited to the reimbursement of the amounts already paid.

2. Prices and length of lease

Abitare’s prices, unless otherwise indicated, are intended as being by week, normally from Saturday to Saturday. The leased object can be taken over on arrival day between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. and has to be left on departure day between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. Outside of these times Abitare does not guarantee the presence of a person competent to hand over the keys and is not responsible for any additional charges that may arise as a result. Extra charges for electricity, gas, water are generally included in the prices of the lease. Costs for heating are not included. Exceptions are stipulated in the price-list or in the description of the rented object. There is a booking fee of EUR 30.00

3. Deposit – final cleaning

On arrival a deposit varying from Є 200 to Є 500 (see price-list/booking confirmation) has to be paid to the accommodation provider or his representative. At the end of the stay the deposit will be refunded under the reservation of deductions for damages done to the accommodation provided. In case the place is left in a very dirty condition, the accommodation provider has the right to retain, in addition to the cost of the final cleaning (where not included), a further amount from Є 30 to Є 50 as a contribution to the cleaning. If the deposit is not paid, the accommodation provider or his representative have the right to refuse to hand over the keys. Domestic pets, where allowed, are charged 26,00 Euro per pet and per week to be paid on the spot. On the properties where the description indicates that the domestic pets are allowed on request, the following rules are effective:
The house admits ONLY small pets, not with a weight exceeding 10 kg, easy to handle, and not more than one.
Swimming pools are open in the middle and high season, before or after those periods the use of the swimming pool is always on request and a extra fee has to be paid on the spot (exceptions stated in the descriptions of the respective objects).

4. Number of Persons

Apartments or villas cannot be occupied by a greater number of persons than the number indicated in the price list. For short-term accommodation of additional persons in the leased holiday home, garden or within the grounds a written permission of Abitare is requested.
5. Liability

Abitare is responsible to ensure the performance according to the rules of the contractual conditions. Abitare acting as agent respects the customary standard and observes the local habits of the place of destination.

Abitare is not responsible for:

- Accuracy and completeness of all indications and descriptions provided in the catalogue which do not concern the leased object but give information about the holiday region.
- Performances of thirds which have only be arranged by Abitare.
- Uncontrollable events such as strike, lock-out, riots, interference of the local authorities, epidemics, war, natural disaster.
- Disturbance of local power supply or sewage and refuse disposal (for example water, electricity, other energy), or technical installation (heating, elevator, air condition, swimming pool etc.).
- In case that domestic or foreign rules limit or exclude the liability.
- The client is responsible for fulfilment of all regulations such as passport, visa, custom declaration, foreign currency, health. The client is responsible for all disadvantages resulting from not observing these regulations, even if the rules should be changed after booking. It is the client’s duty to gather the relevant regulations.

6. Changes in prices and facilities

Abitare reserves the right to make changes in prices and facilities offered up to the moment of confirmation of booking, particularly in case of errors or misprints in the catalogue.

7. Cancellations

Should a cancellation be made after reservation the following percentage of the total amount of the lease will be charged:

20 % up to 61 days before start of lease
50 % up to 60 – 35 days before start of lease
60 % up to 34 – 15 days before start of lease
75 % up to 14 – 2 days before start of lease
100 % up to 1 – 0 days before start or day of lease
In case of change of the booked accommodation a fee of Є 30 will be charged.

8. Complaints

Any irregularity discovered at the moment of handing over the keys or during the period of stay, regarding the accommodation, must be communicated immediately to the accommodation provider or his representative. Abitare must be advised within 48 hours after appearance of the irregularity. You can depose your complaint anytime, our office having an answering machine. Please note that if your complaints are not made in due time you will forfeit any damage claims.

9. Ineffectiveness of some contractual conditions

The ineffectiveness of some contractual conditions does not imply the total contract being invalid. The person signing the leasing contract confirms to be informed of the leasing conditions and accepts these conditions also on behalf of persons registered.

10. Useful indications

Abitare takes particular care to ensure absolute accuracy in description of the leased holiday homes, but please bear in mind that there are no general rules for the standard of furnishings and interior decoration. It is not always possible to find the same comfort as at home. During the busy summer months it can be possible that the local authorities have to make water and electricity restrictions. Such incidents should not last long. In such cases Abitare will refuse any claims for damages.
The accommodation provider is responsible for the correct handing over according to the rules of the leased holiday home.
The distances mentioned in the catalogue of Abitare are approximate references.

For every controversy the Court of Lucca is competent.