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The small, medieval town with its imposing walls is considered to be the jewel of Tuscany, fascinating and charming, with an enormous patrimony of history and culture. The town has just the right size to become the perfect spot for an ideal stay.

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Pescaglia, a place to discover

The territory of Pescaglia lies on the Apuan Alps, between Lucca, the Versilia coast and the Garfagnana. The region stretches on three distinctive valleys – Val di Turrite, Valpedogna and Valfeddana. Almost the whole area is mountainous, from soft hills to the Apuan Alps. The hilly side of the district is within short distance to the city of Lucca and is characterized for its presence of olive trees and vineyards, ancient villas and Romanesque church.

New Villas and Vacation Rentals

Couchages 2
Chambres à Coucher 1
Preludio N° 18
De € 605/semaine
Couchages 2+2
Chambres à Coucher 1
Tenuta Il Giardino Proprietà
De € 2380/semaine
Couchages 12
Chambres à Coucher 4
Tenuta Il Giardino Cascina Rustica
De € 1550/semaine
Couchages 6+2
Chambres à Coucher 3
Appartamento Joanna
De € 704/semaine
Couchages 4
Chambres à Coucher 2
La Tana
De € 465/semaine
Couchages 6
Chambres à Coucher 4
De € 542/semaine
Couchages 6+1
Chambres à Coucher 3
Il Chiodo
De € 930/semaine
Couchages 4+2
Chambres à Coucher 2
I Cipressi Di Santovecchio
De € 1000/semaine
Couchages 12
Chambres à Coucher 5
Colle Di Tramonte
De € 1165/semaine
Couchages 5+3
Chambres à Coucher 3
La Casa Del Sole
De € 300/semaine
Couchages 4
Chambres à Coucher 2
Casa Toscana
De € 634/semaine
Couchages 12
Chambres à Coucher 6